Turbidity sensor in flow through armature – scattered light measurement

The Sensor, which is integrated into a flow through armature, determines the turbidity according to the scattered light measurement principle.

Interface: selectable option

Connection: selectable option

Measuring principle: scattered light measurement 90 °
Light source: 860 nm
Measuring range: selectable option
Accuracy: 1% FS or +/-0.02 in the range 0-2 FNU
Resolution: 0.001FNU
Measuring interval: > 5 sec

Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 100 mm x 122 mm x 112 mm
Protection class: IP65
Working temperature range: -10 °C … 45 °C
Power supply via sensor module

The turbidity sensor is fitted with a connection for the following device:
BlueSense, BlueBox, MPS
The necessary interface is included in delivery.

Version: selectable option

Flow-through armature:
Material: POM
Connection: PA tube, flexible, black 10×1,5 mm DIN 74324
Internal diameter: 7 mm
Wall strength: 1.5 mm
Operational pressure: without pressure
Cable length to transducer: 1.2 m

Selectable optionsInterfaceConnectionMeasuring
1Modbus RS-485MB   
2Flow through armature-GOD  
Measuring range
30 – 2 FNU-2 
40 – 10 FNU-10 
50 – 50 FNU-50 
60 – 100 FNU-100 
7Version 1.2-1
 Example configuration Art. no. 461 6732-MB-GOD-2-1

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