pH combined electrode (wastewater)

pH combined electrode for the application in wastewater for media
contaminated with solids.
Application scope: municipal / industrial wastewater and process
Diaphragm: open ring gap instead of a diaphragm
No blocking, thereby reliable measurements.
pH measurement range: pH 0 … 12
Temperature range: -15 °C … +60 °C
Pressure: up to 6 bar
Shaft material: glass
Shaft length: 120 mm
Shaft diameter: 12 mm
Filling gel: approx. 3mol/l KCI, low maintenance
Discharge: AG/AGCI
Plug head: PG13.5
Screw plug head SN-6 cable connection
Suitable for conductivities > 500µS/cm
Required cable: Art. no. 439 0501

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