During a meeting with Mr. Peter Stamm, a leading member of the German Water Partnerships (GWP) in Hanoi on December 15, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment (MPI), Mr. Nguyen Van Trung The German Industry Cooperation Conference, with its vast reputation and network, will persuade more and more German companies to invest in Vietnam, as well as consult the German government to allocate ODA funds into environmental projects in Vietnam. 
Mr. Trung said Vietnam has faced many environmental disasters in recent years, especially river and marine pollution. He acknowledged that these are “too expensive” prices that Vietnam has to pay for unsustainable development and lack of concern for environmental impacts. He particularly expressed his belief in the “German brand” of technology, efficiency, and quality.
Mr. Peter Stamm said that Germany has a lot of experience in dealing with two issues that are also in the current concern of the Vietnamese government, which is the restoration of “dead rivers” (this is the situation of Germany). after World War II) and the issue of water loss. The German side is always ready to share experiences and expertise through bilateral projects.
Mr. Peter Stamm emphasized that not only focusing on technology transfer, the German government also wants to transfer knowledge through a series of capacity building projects, but the DEVIWAS project is a typical example. He summarized the results of the meetings with the leaders of the Ministry of Construction, the Hai Phong People’s Committee, the Institute of Construction and Urban Management, … and many potential opportunities that the two sides can. cooperation in the future.
MPI is committed to supporting and continuing to work closely with the relevant ministries and government agencies to ensure the progress of the projects is implemented as planned

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