[NEWS] VWSA trains Guiding Documents for 2014 Construction Law

In order to timely help relevant units to comply with the provisions of the five Circulars guiding the 2014 Construction Law, with the support of the DEVIWAS Project, in the last July, the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association training of the aforementioned Circulars in Hanoi (15.7) and Ho Chi Minh City (20.7). These Circulars have been issued by the Ministry of Construction since October 10, 2016.
Nearly 200 students (Hanoi: 60 students, Ho Chi Minh City: 110 students) are business leaders, economic, planning, technical staff, project management rooms, accounting departments. finance and project management board of businesses in the North and the South participated in this training. At the training, participants participated enthusiastically in the spirit of active learning and constructing. This shows that the need for timely training on construction guiding documents in particular and other legal documents related to the operation of enterprises in the water supply and drainage industry, in general, is very large. Lecturers worked with students to learn and clarify the contents of the Circulars 05/2016 / TT – BXD to Circular 09/2016 / TT – BXD.
Circular 05/2016 / TT – BXD guiding the determination of labor unit prices in construction investment cost management, including total investment, construction cost estimates, bidding package estimates, construction prices, combined prices VND, construction price index;
Circular 06/2016 / TT – BXD guiding the determination and management of construction investment costs, detailed guidance on the contents, methods of determination and management of construction investment costs include preliminary total investment. construction investment, total construction investment, construction estimate, construction package estimate, construction norms, construction price, construction price index, price of machine shift and construction equipment;
Circular 07/2016 / TT – BXD guiding price adjustment of construction contracts, including principles, cases of price adjustment, order, procedures, contents, and methods of adjustment of construction contract prices. ;
Circular 08/2016 / TT – BXD guides some contents of construction consultancy contracts; including consultancy on construction survey, consulting for making feasibility study report on construction investment, consulting on construction design, consulting on construction supervision of works under construction investment projects ( including construction contracts between investors implementing PPP projects and contractors performing project bidding packages);
Circular 09/2016 / TT – BXD guides construction contracts, guides some contents on construction contracts. 
The training class received the high appreciation of students for the quality of teaching as well as extremely useful and practical training contents. After participating in the training, participants gained a deeper understanding of the circulars, thereby helping their units to comply with the provisions of the 2014 Construction Law.

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