Originating from the needs of the member units, the Water Supply Association in Central region and Tay Nguyen province in collaboration with the DEVIWAS project opened a financial management training course in the joint-stock company for 2 days, from July 7 to July 8, 2017, in Ho Chi Minh City. Hue. With the presentation,
Sharing of two very experienced experts, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dang Duc Son and Mr. Hoang Le Hoang from AFC Institute of Management and Finance, participants were able to learn and access the content of Management. finance and stock market such as Financial planning, cost management, cash flow management; securities registration process and procedures; shareholder management, transfer of shares, dividend policy, bonus shares … Besides, the trainees also actively exchanged and shared difficulties, problems as well as experience in implementation. units and get advice and suggestions from lecturers and colleagues.
The training time was only 2 days with a large amount of knowledge and new content, but most of the participants attended it very well to apply it effectively in practice, gradually completing it, improve the efficiency of financial management when changing to a joint-stock company model, bringing its unit to more sustainable and efficient development.

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