[NEWS] The Workshop: Green – Smart City Development and Public – Private Partanership

Sponsored by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and the Korean Embassy, ​​on June 19, 2018, in Hanoi, the Academy of Construction Managers and Urban (AMC Academy) in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT Institute) organized the Workshop “Green-smart urban development and public-private cooperation”.

Participants at the seminar included Deputy Minister of Construction, Ms. Phan Thi My Linh; Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Lee Hyuk; Director of AMC Academy, Mr. Tran Huu Ha; President of KICT Institute, Mr. Seung Heon Han; President of the Korean Institute of Human Settlements (KRIHS Institute), Mr. Kim Dong Ju; representatives of ministries, central branches, localities and numerous domestic and international experts.

Overview of the Conference

The seminar was organized to promote urban development innovation nationwide, identify investment opportunities, and look forward to a better future for cities in Vietnam through the implementation of the model: public-private partnership (PPP). In particular, the specific objectives are: Sharing experiences in developing smart cities through global – local laboratory projects; create networks with government agencies (national and municipal), research institutes and public and private enterprises to improve coordination; dialogue on policies, laws and guidelines for development of smart city cooperation centers as well as the implementation of PPP projects in Vietnam; create and identify business opportunities for cities at the national or local level; strongly promoting the implementation, implementation and exploitation of PPP projects in urban development in general in Vietnam.

According to Deputy Minister Ms. Phan Thi My Linh, the development of smart city and towards green growth in Vietnam is a necessary step to keep pace with the general trend of the world, while promoting activities to promote strong cooperation and creation of urban financial resources to meet development needs. Green-smart city is considered as a preeminent urban development model, which is the goal of urban managers and local governments, especially in the context of the current 4.0 Revolution.

Deputy Minister of Construction, Ms. Phan Thi My Linh, gave the opening speech

Developing green – smart cities requires huge investment cost, while the State budget cannot pay for all investment sources, so one of the solutions is to apply PPP. Currently, PPP is an effective and popular form of investment in many countries around the world and is considered as a way to reduce pressure on the national budget, reduce dependence on ODA, and improve investment efficiency. , improve service quality, and reduce negative activities in capital construction activities.

The sharing of international experiences from Korea, Japan, the United States, Sweden … shows that private investors have a lot of advantages in supporting the State to apply information technology to manage. more efficient and more successful urban development.
Deputy Minister of Construction Ms. Phan Thi My Linh hoped that, through analyzing the shortcomings and limitations in implementing PPP investment for urban development in Vietnam, the workshop will make recommendations. , recommend to the State and investors on optimal solutions, especially related to the management to ensure the effectiveness of PPP investment in developing smart cities in Vietnam. .

Also at the Workshop, Deputy Minister Ms. Phan Thi My Linh and Korean Ambassador to Vietnam Mr. Lee Hyuk witnessed the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding among AMC Academy and KICT Institute and KRIHS Institute.

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