From September 25 to September 29, 2017, the delegation of a number of Vietnamese water enterprises had a business trip to Germany. The visit is part of a partnership between GWP and VWSA members, with the enthusiastic support of Hawaco Electrical Engineering Company and six other GWP member units, the leading German companies in the water industry. (Wilo, PWT, Huber, LAR, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik and Tilia).
Highlights of this trip were meetings with the Mayor of Dortmund, the Minister of Interior of Saxony-Anhalt and the Director of the Economics Department of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. According to the working program, the delegation also had field trips and exchanged expertise and technologies related to water industry at Wilo pump factory, Berlin water plant, Haltern water plant, heard about tissue provision and treatment of industrial wastewater and reuse at the Volkswagen plant and engage with large businesses in the German water industry in a workshop entitled “German solutions to Vietnam’s challenges.” ‚ÄĚHosted by GWP.
Also during this time, the DEVIWAS project acted as a coordinator and a bridge for 12 technical staff of 7 Vietnamese enterprises to train at the Wilo pump factory in the city of Hof-Germany. This group of staff is trained on appropriate pump selection (high efficiency and energy saving), intelligent pump technology, how to operate, maintain and repair the pump. Funds for technical staff are paid by Wilo Pump Group and Vietnamese companies (Wilo sponsors training and accommodation costs for the delegation in Germany, Vietnamese companies contribute the fare planes). This model of training cooperation will continue to be replicated in the future.
The mayor of Dortmund, Mr. Ullrich Sierau, received the proposal of the chairman of the Hue City People’s Committee about twinning the cities of Hue and Dortmund in a meeting of the delegation in the city hall. It is expected that in early 2018, the mayor will lead a delegation to Hue to discuss the necessary preparations for this meaningful activity. If Hue is a central city in Central Vietnam in terms of culture, health, tourism, and education, Dortmund is a city of western economic, cultural and educational centers in Germany.
The delegation had a meeting with Mr. Holger Stahlknecht – the Minister of Interior of Saxony-Anhalt, Mr. Andreas Mueller – President of IHK-Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the representative of Magdeburg-Stendal University. At this meeting, the representatives of the State of Saxony-Anhalt highly appreciated the cooperation with Vietnam and gave ideas and suggestions for strengthening economic and cultural cooperation between the State of Saxony-Anhalt and Vietnam. Male. Currently, there are 7,000 Vietnamese students studying at universities and colleges here.
At the meeting with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Berger, Director of the Economic Department – representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, highly appreciated the significance of cooperation with Vietnam in general and the role and results of the project. Deviwas, the role of the German Industry Cooperation Organization GWP in Vietnam in particular. Berger said the German government would facilitate cooperation between the two countries in the water sector, while encouraging German businesses to invest in Vietnam, especially in the field of water and environment. German businesses and members of GWP can enter into joint ventures with Vietnamese businesses, research and produce products suitable for the Vietnamese market. The German Government is promoting the establishment of the Vietnam-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam as well as supporting the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement.
The Mission participated in the Technical Workshop entitled “German solutions to Vietnam’s challenges” organized by GWP with the participation of renowned German and international member companies such as PWT, Huber, Wilo, Tilia, TU-Berlin, LAR… At this seminar, leaders of Vietnamese water enterprises were introduced new and advanced technologies for the water industry such as Equipment flow meter, the ultrasonic sensor to detect water loss, online analysis technology, high-efficiency pump, energy-saving, smart filter, sewage treatment…

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