[NEWS] The 5th Fifth Congress of VAFIE: Comprehensive Innovation To Attract FDI In The New Period

On the morning of April 19, 2019, the 5th Congress (2019 – 2023) of the Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises (VAFIE) was officially held in Hanoi.
GS. Doctor of Science Mr. Nguyen Mai, Chairman of the Association, made a speech at the Congress on the implementation of the fourth term work (2014-2018). He emphasized that the outstanding activity of the Association in the last term was to actively and actively contribute to the improvement of institutions, socio-economic laws and foreign direct investment (FDI).
Specifically, the Association has cooperated with the Legal Department (Ministry of Planning and Investment) to organize a workshop to collect comments on the draft Decree guiding the implementation of a number of articles in the 2014 Investment Law.
The 5th Congress of the Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises (VAFIE) was held on the morning of April 19.
In the past term, the Association has also contributed to many draft laws such as the legislative process of the National Assembly, Decree on business registration, Decree on outward investment, Decree on administrative sanctions in the field of protection. environmental protection, Decree guiding the implementation of special consumption tax, Decision on criteria for identifying high-tech enterprises; Decision on import of used machinery and equipment; Circular on penalties in the field of industrial property, the Decree replaces Decree 23/2007 guiding the implementation of the Commercial Law, the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Technology Transfer Law.
Talking about the 5th term of operation, VAFIE leaders said that in the general direction, the Association will comprehensively renovate its activities to have higher quality and efficiency, actively and actively contribute to building the policies, laws, socio-economic policies and foreign investment to contribute more to the synchronous political and economic reform that the Party and State are undertaking.
In terms of supporting businesses and promoting investment, the Association’s leaders said that the Association will regularly monitor the production and business process of its member businesses to capture information and difficulties to gather. make recommendations to central and local authorities for timely resolution.
The participants attended the conference
VAFIE Vice President said that during the past term, the Association’s Executive Committee has attached great importance to the review of 30 years of foreign investment in Vietnam and the development orientation in the coming time, directly contributing the corrected contents. to amend and supplement the Investment Law, the Enterprise Law and other related laws and documents.
“The Executive Board of the New Term Association operates in the context of the Government ‘s policy of diverting foreign investment attraction, at the same time, there are competing challenges to attract FDI of other countries in the region. such as the Investment Law, the Enterprise Law, and the Securities Law will be considered and amended by the National Assembly.
That requires innovation, improving the effectiveness of the Executive Committee of the Executive Committee of the Association, in order to complete the tasks set out, to contribute more actively to the process of attracting and improving the quality of water investment. outside Vietnam “, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – VAFIE Vice President spoke at the Meeting.

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