[NEWS] Students of Training course on Occupational Safety and Sanitation will be granted a national value certificate

On 10.7.2015, the National Assembly promulgated Law No. 84/2015 / QH13 – Law on Occupational Safety and Health, stipulating the assurance of occupational safety and sanitation; policies and regimes towards labor accident and occupational disease victims; responsibilities and powers of organizations and individuals related to occupational safety and sanitation and state management of occupational safety and sanitation. The law has taken effect since July 1, 2016.
Article 14 of this Law stipulates, “Managers in charge of occupational safety and sanitation, officials in charge of occupational safety and sanitation in production and business establishments must attend safety training courses, labor safety, and occupational safety and hygiene training shall be granted a certificate after satisfactory inspection and examination ”.
In order to timely assist the units involved in the implementation of occupational safety and health to comply with the law, on August 7, 2016, with the support of the Association Cooperation Project Germany – Vietnam enhances the capacity of the Vietnamese water industry (DEVIWAS), Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) in collaboration with the Construction College (CC) No. 1 (the unit that has been approved by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids & The society assigns training for certification), organized a training course on occupational safety and sanitation for the member units in the Northern region of Vietnam Youth Union.
The training attracted nearly 30 participants including directors, deputy directors, heads and deputy heads of branches under the enterprise; people in charge of administration and personnel; workshop managers, officials in charge of occupational safety and sanitation of the establishments come from the member units in the northern region. The trainer of the training course was Mr. Vu Nhu Van – Former Director of Department of Labor Safety, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. 
During the 2 days, the lecturer and students learned and exchanged about policies and laws on occupational safety and sanitation such as Law on occupational safety and sanitation No. 84/2015 / QH13 and regulations on the rights and obligations of employers and employees with regard to occupational safety and sanitation; Principles in organizing the management and implementation of regulations on labor safety and labor hygiene at grassroots level; Hazardous and harmful factors in production and remedies and precautions.
After 2 days of training, the trainees took the test and were granted a certificate of training in occupational safety and sanitation. This certificate is valid for 2 years.
In the immediate future, VWSA will coordinate with the No. 1 College to organize a 2-day training course for the 1st and 2nd groups for certification. The intensive part for group 2 (lasting 3 days) will be organized later, upon completion of the intensive course, students will be granted a 5-year training certificate.

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