In order to improve the inspection, supervision and management capabilities of the member units after equitization; With the support of the Vietnam-Vietnam Association Cooperation Project to enhance the capacity of Vietnam’s water industry (DEVIWAS), on March 17-18, 2017, the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association – VWSA opened a training course on marketing securities market and improve corporate governance capacity after equitization at Nam Dinh Water Supply One Member Limited Company. Attending the training course, there were 43 students who were Chairmen of the Board of members and the Board of Supervisors; General manager director; Deputy General Director / Deputy Director, Secretary of the Company and the Board of Management of business administration; Chief accountant; The head/deputy head of the department and the director of the water supply stations of the company come from 4 member units in the Central region.
With the guidance of 4 lecturers who are experienced experts in the field of securities market from Securities Research and Training Center, State Securities Commission, HNX Appraisal Department (Hanoi Stock Exchange), and Vietcombank Securities Joint Stock Company, the refresher course took place in the exciting atmosphere, the enthusiastic participation spirit of the students.
The lecturers and students exchanged and discussed issues directly related to the company’s activities in the context of equitizing water enterprises with the following contents: Securities and stock market. Vietnam; Corporate governance: General knowledge about corporate governance; international standards and practices on corporate governance; legal regulations on corporate governance in Vietnam, financial management, risk management.
The legal framework for the equitization of State enterprises; The provisions of the Hanoi Stock Exchange on auction, transaction registration, and listing; Enterprise after equitization: Rights and obligations of shareholders; Information disclosure obligation of the public company.
At the Closing Ceremony, students who were certified by VWSA participated in this training course. With the students’ appreciation for the useful content that the training course brings, with the current situation of equitizing water enterprises, such training courses are very necessary, VWSA will plan to organize similar training courses in the near future to meet the needs of its member units throughout the country.

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