[NEWS] International workshop: Warning on the trend of water shortage is threatening regions in the country

The purpose of the Workshop is to increase public awareness about the impact of climate change on the environment in general and water security in particular in Vietnam. At the same time, this is also a forum for the exchange of domestic and international experts on technology, techniques, practical experience in environmental disaster prevention and climate change solutions. About 63% of the total flow into our country comes from China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.
Out of the 208 rivers in Vietnam, there are 126 rivers with foreign water flowing into the inland. 90% of the Mekong River flow and over 50% of the Red River originate from abroad. Experts warn that due to failure to control the flow of large rivers, along with the construction of upstream hydroelectric dams, uneven distribution of rainfall, many polluted rivers, and deforestation. .. the risk of water shortage in Vietnam is not only a forecast but also exists in many regions across the country. Besides, Vietnam is one of the five countries most heavily affected by climate change. Therefore, many problems of water resources that are currently only in the form of risks can become a reality faster.


At the workshop, Mr. Jorrg Rueger, Counselor in charge of the environment field of the German Embassy in Vietnam, said that German businesses are ready to bring advanced German wastewater treatment technologies to Vietnam to contribute. Partly guaranteeing the future of Vietnam’s water sector. GIZ, through the Wastewater Management Program and the Drainage and Flood Control Program in the medium-sized cities in coastal areas of Vietnam in response to climate change, has been supporting the central and local governments. Methods for developing and improving the legal and policy framework for drainage and urban flood control. The two programs aim to build cities that can adapt to the negative effects of climate change.
Mr. Peter Stamm, a member of the GWP Board of Directors, said that the organization has been present in Vietnam since 2011 to implement a number of projects and is currently promoting to meet with a number of Vietnamese agencies at all levels. aims to seek cooperation opportunities to transfer German knowledge and technology in the field of water management (saline water, drought, wastewater treatment …), energy (application of light Ants save energy, solar energy, wind energy …) and develop urban areas (smart cities …).

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