[NEWS] DEVIWAS’ Leaders Visited and Worked with Phu Tho Water Supply Joint Stock Company

On January 15, 2020, Mr. Nguyen Dac Hoan – Chairman of DEVIWAS and the delegation of representatives of Vietnam Water Industry Association and some water supply companies in the North had a working visit to CP Joint Stock Company. Phu Tho water supply.
Phu Tho Water Supply Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Viet Tri Water Plant, was established under Decision No. 426 / QD-UBND dated July 4, 1970 by the People’s Committee of Vinh Phu Province.
Pumping station of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Phu Tho Water Supply Joint Stock Company
According to the report, Phu Tho Water Supply Joint Stock Company has built 16 plants in 13/14 districts and cities; providing clean water to 532,000 people, of which 205,000 are in Viet Tri. Total volume of clean water is 27,427,000 m3 / year, total consumption volume is 23,031,000 m3 / year, on average each household uses 16 m3 / month. The company has invested, renovated and upgraded water production technology such as Scada automatic operation system, invested in a new sedimentation cluster and built a 4000m3 tank, the water quality meets the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
The company is able to meet the needs of water for domestic use, production and business and other needs of the people.
At the meeting, the Company leaders as well as the City side exchanged problems, difficulties as well as recommendations during the implementation of the project, such as the difficulty of site clearance leading. to be late for project implementation at wastewater treatment station No. 2; sewage pumping station No. 7;
After the meeting, the delegation went on a field trip to visit the factory model, the treatment system, the pumping station of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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