On March 10, at the Urban Engineering Construction College (Gia Lam – Hanoi), Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association – VWSA held a meeting to evaluate the training and receive comments on the chapter “Training Course” in 2017. The meeting was sponsored by the DEVIWAS Project – German – Vietnamese cooperation project to improve the capacity of Vietnam’s water industry.

Attending the meeting were Mr. Cao Lai Quang – VWSA President, Mr. Pham Hong Hue – Principal of Urban Construction College, representatives of DEVIWAS project, GIZ-WMP project, TVET project, Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu – Head of the board with members of VWSA’s Training Department and many guests from VWSA’s member companies.

Continuing to promote the success of 2015, VWSA continues to consider training as one of its key tasks in 2016. With the support of 3 German-funded projects: German Association Cooperation Project – Vietnam enhances the capacity of the Vietnamese water industry (DEVIWAS), the Vocational Training System Consulting Project (TVET-GIZ), the Wastewater Management Program of the German International Cooperation Organization (WMP-GIZ) and the owner The activities of the Sub-associations and the coordination of the Training Board with the projects, the training, and retraining work have achieved very impressive results.


In 2016, VWSA organized 38 courses (up 136%) with the participation of 1,861 students (up 116%). Especially, the number of classes directly organized by the Central Association increases by 242% compared to 2015. Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu said: “VWSA’s training activities are gradually professionalizing, we are currently affiliated with the number of state-recognized training units to grant certificates/practice certificates of national value (certificates of bidding, certificates of training in occupational safety and sanitation …) and each financial autonomy step. ”

Speaking at the meeting, VWSA President Cao Lai Quang thanked sincerely and appreciated the practical and effective support of the three German projects as well as the coordination of the Association, the enthusiastic participation of members throughout the country in the training of the Association over time.

Topics to be organized by VWSA’s training committee in 2017:


No. Thematic
1 Analyze production and business activities in the enterprise
2 Human resource management
3 Contract in business
4 Bidding professional training – Basic program for contractor selection
5 Fostering online bidding professionalism
6 Fostering in service of examination of practice certificates for bidding consultancy, construction and installation, procurement of goods and non-advisory services
7 Fostering professional management of construction investment projects
8 Fostering investment project evaluation skills
9 Fostering investment management operations in the form of public-private partnership (PPP)
10 Fostering the stock market and improving corporate governance capacity after equitization
11 Fostering improvement of service quality through communication
12 Fostering skills in cost management, financial management and taxes for post-equitized enterprises

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