On December 13, 2017, in Hanoi, Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha had a meeting with Mr. Peter Stamm – a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of German Industry Cooperation. Attending the meeting with Minister Pham Hong Ha were leaders: Ministry Office, Department of International Cooperation, Infrastructure Infrastructure, Academy of Construction and Urban Management Officer.
At the meeting, Mr. Peter Stamm said that the German Industry Cooperation Association was assigned by the Government of Germany to perform tasks related to the development of smart cities, green cities, and eco-friendly cities. school. Over the years, the Association has worked closely with the Vietnam Sewerage Association to perform the tasks of improving the capacity of Vietnamese water sector management staff and strengthening cooperation among businesses. Germany and Vietnam in investment promotion, technology transfer, exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of drainage.
Expressing his delight to welcome Mr. Peter Stamm to visit and work at the Ministry of Construction, Minister Pham Hong Ha said that in recent years, the cooperation and friendship between Germany and Vietnam have been interested in developing. in many areas.
In the cooperation between the two countries, the Ministry of Construction has also strengthened cooperation with German ministries, businesses, and associations. In particular, this cooperation has been carried out in specific and practical fields and projects such as the cooperation project of Vietnam – Germany Association to improve Vietnam’s water sector capacity, which GWP and VWSA are implementing partners. helped improve the capacity of the contingent of construction managers in general, and in charge of the construction of drainage in particular.
Minister Pham Hong Ha highly appreciated the support of the German Government as well as the importance of the German Development Cooperation Organization (GIZ) in implementing projects in Vietnamese cities, helping the municipalities of Vietnam is developing more and more effectively to cope with climate change.
Minister Pham Hong Ha said that the Government of Vietnam has clearly defined the priority tasks in its urban construction and development strategy, which is to develop smart, environmentally friendly cities and to respond. effective with climate change. In order to effectively manage and operate cities, Vietnam needs the support of the international community, in which German assistance plays an important role.
Minister Pham Hong Ha said that the Ministry of Construction is always ready to promote cooperation with the German Government ministries, creating favorable conditions for German businesses to implement projects aiming to improve their goals. capacity building for construction management, drainage management and sustainable, green urban development in Vietnam, and also expressed confidence with his experience, Mr. Peter Stamm will promote the connection. , strengthening cooperation between the two countries in general, between the Ministry of Construction and the Ministries of the German Government, German enterprises, in particular, are developing more and more.

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