On May 8, 2017, with the cooperation and support of the DEVIWAS Project, the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association organized the Opening of a 5-day training course on Teaching Methods for enterprise’s training staff. water supply.
Participants of the training course are 21 technical staff working in enterprises, who have professional knowledge but lack pedagogical experience, especially teaching methods for the elderly. Class lecturer, Dr. Dieter Poschardt skillfully introduced students to a student-centered training method, evoking the initiative and participation of learners in combination with the use of learning tools. The lecture makes the lessons become lively and effective. Each session has 1 to 2 students who are able to choose their own topics, actively prepare lectures and apply newly learned knowledge to their practice. After that, the lecturer and other students will contribute ideas, helping students draw experiences for future classes.
During this training, 7/21 students completed their practice. As time goes on, students become more and more advanced in both the content of the lecture and the method of communication. They are also more confident when dealing with situations that arise from other students and teachers. This proves that the technical staff at the enterprise with available professional knowledge, if equipped with modern pedagogical methods, will become good lecturers, serving the training in the business field.
The second training course (advanced class), which is expected to take place 6 to 12 months after the first phase, may be held at a water supply enterprise to make the practice of trainees as close as possible to reality.

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