[EVENTS] Initiating the second phase of the cooperation project between the Vietnam – Germany Association to improve Vietnam’s water sector capacity

In the conference Initiating the second phase of the cooperation project between the Vietnam – Germany Association to improve Vietnam’s water sector capacity” (DEVIWAS), S. Wolfgang Manig, the German ambassador to Vietnam, affirmed that Phase 1 of the project was successful in strengthening the capacity of the Vietnamese water industry, as evidenced by the commitment to support from all parties.
“The measure of success is the 90 million people in Vietnam have access to clean water”, Deputy German ambassador said. Michael Prange, Director of the German Industry Cooperation Association (GWP), said that Germany is a country with more than 100 years of experience in the field of water supply and drainage, so there are many useful things to convey to Vietnam. Currently, 100% of the German population is connected to clean water. Use level is 120 little / day/person, with pure water quality, you can always drink at the tap. Sudden dehydration never occurs and the rate of water loss is below 7%.
Mr. Nguyen Dac Hoan, project manager of DEVIWAS, said that although there are still some difficulties, phase 1 has basically completed all 4 key tasks.
The first is the management and organizational structure of the Vietnamese Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) becoming more professional. A development strategy to 2025, 2030 orientation has been developed, personnel for three boards: Training, International Cooperation, and Policy have been strengthened.
Second, VWSA provides training and advanced training to the needs of its members. “We are leaders, but we are always learning. I saw many faces of officials sitting from beginning to end of the training sessions. Many people ask me that the water industry is a monopoly industry, so there is no need to improve the service. But now that globalization is the trend, training is not just about improving the quality of water, but also about the quality of customer service”, he said.
Thirdly, VWSA becomes an organization known as a reliable and reputable partner in professional dialogue forums, providing reliable economic and technical information on the water industry for businesses, scientists, technical experts, politicians, the mass media when needed.
Fourthly, VWSA has strengthened its international network and assisted international technology transfer in the industry. During the implementation of phase 1, the project has had many advantages such as the water industry, especially wastewater, which is being paid great attention by the government. VWSA is the only organization representing the Vietnamese water industry and has a reputable and dynamic leadership. The chapter has strong financial resources, focusing on many large businesses. The chairpersons of the sub-associations are young, dynamic people who are willing to invest in capacity building activities.
Finally, it isn’t impossible to mention the effective cooperation between VWSA and other international organizations such as GWP, GIZ. However, Mr. Nguyen Dac Hoan also raised a number of difficulties such as limited project funding, while the range of operations covers the whole country. Or the problem of VWSA personnel is sparse and has not built a plan and a system of long-term and long-term service delivery (consultancy, training) …
Although the goals and expected results of the project are not changed, in the second phase, the project will prioritize focusing on specific areas such as promoting cooperation among German water enterprises. and Vietnam, adjusting the project’s financial support to increase the initiative of VWSA through tuition collection, reducing the participation of German experts and increasing the exploitation of Vietnamese experts …
The cooperation project of the Vietnam – Germany Association to improve the capacity of the Vietnamese water sector has been assigned to the two implementing partners, the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) and the German Water Partnerships (GWP).
The project is designed to enhance the capacity, role, and position of VWSA to effectively contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s water sector.
The project is built on the proposal of the Fund for Economic Development and Vocational Training (SEQUA) with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BWZ).
The first phase of the project starts from June 2013 to May 2016. On 11.5.2016, BMZ approved the continuation of phase 2 of the project for the next 3 years, from June 2016 to May 5.2019.

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