On May 25, 2017, the Vietnam Association of Agriculture and Forestry cooperated with Ninh Binh Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock Company to hold a conference on exchanging and evaluating training activities in the Red River Delta region in the Company in order to grasp the actual situation of digging activities. create a number of member units in the North, as well as find out the training needs of the units to have effective, realistic training programs, contributing to improving the quality of human resources for the water industry. The conference was organized with the support of the DEVIWAS Project.
Speaking at the opening of the Conference, the Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Association Cao Lai Quang highly appreciated the effectiveness of the Association’s training in recent years. In the first 8 months of 2017, the Association has organized 26 training and retraining courses with the participation of nearly 1400 students from enterprises that are members of the Vietnam Youth Union and organizations and individuals in need. The Northern Region opened 8 classes with 46 turns of participants; in which regional Red River Delt water supply companies¬†attended 15 units.
Especially the training needs at the address are increasing, 3/7 classes of the Northern region are proposed by the unit directly to the Association Training Board and held right at the unit. President of Northern Water drainage Association and leaders of water supply and sewerage companies in Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Thai Binh, and Ninh Binh gave a brief presentation of training activities at their units. and all affirm that human training is a strategy to ensure production and business efficiency. The units also raised a number of difficulties and obstacles in the operation process such as the equitization process of state capital divestment, the impact of climate change affecting the production process, the change of documents. , State policy…
Regarding training needs in the coming time, the units hope that the Association will continue to implement popular training programs and update legal policies. In the context of the equitization of water enterprises, the requirement of improving the quality of human resources is at the forefront, businesses want to continue to update new levels related to the calculation of the cost management and operation, improve the quality of operation of water supply and drainage works. The units also proposed the Association to open training programs in groups, pair and increase training in the unit to minimize costs for the units, as well as create opportunities for the units to increase exchanges and study. ask experience.

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