[EVENT] Workshop: Introducing German Technology Products of DEVIWAS

On February 27, DEVIWAS Company organized the Workshop: Introduce German Technology Products, taking place in Hue City.

Participants at the ceremony were the presence of HUEWACO technical staff, along with other businesses who are interested in the products and technologies that DEVIWAS brings to this Workshop.

Delegates attending the Workshop
German technical competence is indisputable. Engineers born by this country are all the leading leaders in their field, known for their precision, responsibility and competence. Over the years, Germany has maintained its reputation as a leading exporter of industrial machinery and equipment, especially pump equipment. German pumps are now being distributed almost all over the world with many factories buying technology in many different countries. Germany is famous for pumps used in extremely high-end industries
President of DEVIWAS introduced German technology products
German technology products being distributed by DEVIWAS include:
– Water Monitoring: Go Systemelektronik
– Water Monitoring: OFS
– Pumps: Winter
– Valvles: Ebro
With a wide range of applications, the products that DEVIWAS is distributing promise to bring to the manufacturers optimal performance.

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