[EVENT] The 4th Conference of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Term V (2015-2020)

On March 9, 2018, in Nam Dinh city, Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association held its fourth Executive Committee Meeting, term V (2015-2020).

The conference was attended by Labor Hero Cao Lai Quang, former Standing Deputy Minister of Construction, Chairman of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, and a large number of Executive Committee members of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association.

According to a report of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, by the end of 2017, the total clean water capacity increased by 0.5 million m3 / day compared to 2016. The centralized clean water supply rate reached 84.5%. -85%. The rate of revenue loss decreased by 22.5%. There are 41 currently operating wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of 950,000 m3 / day and 28 plants under construction with a capacity of about 1,375,000 m3 / day. Equitization has been carried out as planned and more than 100 equitized water supply enterprises (accounting for 90% of the total water supply enterprises) and 39 water drainage and wastewater treatment enterprises have been equitized. The consulting units of construction, production, and trading of materials and equipment have all grown, the life of officials and employees in the water industry has been improved.

In general, in 2017 most of the tasks set out after the BCH Meeting in February 2017 were completed. Many tasks have been completed with quite satisfactory results, especially in training, international cooperation, construction and implementation of international projects; in supporting the development of business development strategies. Through the activities, roles, and positions of the Association continuously improve. However, the activities of the Association are uneven, some are still quiet.

It is expected that in 2018, there will be 35 training classes including 26/35 classes sponsored and supported by DEVIWAS, TVET and DEWASP projects. The content of training courses focused on improving corporate governance capacity after equitization, supplementing and updating new documents, managing operations, managing assets, finance, safe water supply, fighting against water loss, renewing vocational training …

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