[EVENT] Conference of the Executive Committee of WSA in the Central Of Vietnam – Tay Nguyen Province in 2019 in Dak Lak

On March 18, 2019, at the office of DakLak Water Supply and Construction Investment Co., Ltd., WSA of the Central in Vietnam – Tay Nguyen Province organized the Executive Committee meeting in 2019, to report the results of the operation. in 2018 and set out the direction and action plan for 2019, and prepared the content and personnel for the WSA of the Central in Vietnam – Tay Nguyen Province Congress for the 2019-2020 term.
Delegates at the Conference
Chairing the Conference: Mr. Truong Cong Nam, Member of the Standing Committee of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thua Thien Hue Water Supply Joint Stock Company, Chairman of the Central Water Supply Association of Central Highlands; Mr. Nguyen Truong Anh, Chairman of Da Nang Water Supply Joint Stock Company, Vice Chairman of WSA of the Central in Vietnam – Tay Nguyen Province; Mr. Tran Van Thien, President and Director of DakLak Water Supply and Construction Investment Co., Ltd., WSA of the Central in Vietnam – Tay Nguyen Province.
Attending the conference were Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu, Head of VWSA’s Training Department; Vice Chairmen of the Association, members of the Association Executive Committee; representatives of member units and representatives of sponsors.
According to the report, as of 3/2019, WSA of the Central in Vietnam – Tay Nguyen Province has a total of 78 member units (22 water supply units and 56 water supply construction equipment business units). Up to now, there have been 21/22 (reaching 95%) of water supply companies have changed to joint stock company model (Daklak is conducting equitization work). Regarding production and business situation, all units achieved and exceeded the plan. When moving to joint stock companies, the units have profit and dividend growth. The Association always receives the attention and support of local authorities and departments.
In terms of advantages, the Executive Committee and members are always united, enthusiastic, often exchanging and sharing with each other. The Association has always received the attention, effective support of the units and organizations of the Vietnamese water industry (DEVIWAS, material suppliers, …). The consulting, trading and construction units are always willing to fund the Association’s activities.
Regarding difficulties, it is a matter of harmonizing interests among shareholders, employees and customers. Water prices of some companies have not been adjusted in time, while the price of electricity, supplies, labor and minimum wages have been increasing year by year. Water resource degradation due to climate change in some companies in provinces such as Da Nang, Quang Tri, Hue, Phu Yen, Binh Thuan, … In addition, there are difficulties in accessing capital to expand the water supply network. Some units have difficulty in applying IT. The members are enterprises dealing in equipment, construction of water supply and sewerage industry, materials, and consulting on increasing competition.
Total assets 9,475.19 billion VND, total charter capital of VND 4,273 billion, total designed capacity of 1,233,076 m3, the total number of water supply plants 153, 1,312,590 matches, the rate of urban water supply reaches 76 , 8%, to rural areas reached 32.8%. Total 11,233 km of primary and secondary pipelines. Average water price is 8,479 VND / m3 (equal to the national average of 8,933 VND / m3). The revenue in 2018 is 3,230.32 billion VND (clean water 2,725.5 billion), the 2019 plan is 3,687.72 billion VND (clean water 3,009.76 billion). Clean water output in 2018 was 342.2 million m3, the plan for 2019 is 363 million m3. The average rate of water loss in 2018 is 20.68%, the plan for 2019 is 20%. The average income in 2018 was 8.35 million VND / person, month.
Overview of the Conference
At the conference, the Executive Committee agreed on the direction and tasks of 2019. Continue to review and update information on the Association’s Website. This is aimed at contributing to the forum as a place for members to live, as a bridge in the exchange of experience in business management and science and technology. The Association will maintain, strengthen and tighten the solidarity relationship between the member units. The Association continues to implement training courses, exchange experiences of applying science and technology, technology transfer to develop professions. The Association is increasingly united, gathering goals and goals for the member units to achieve important development achievements, which will contribute more to the socio-economic development.

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