BlueMon Photometer Total Nitrogen

Fully automatic on-line analyser for measuring concentrations of mediums in fluids according to wet-chemical methods.
The photometer nitrogen version of the BlueMon system comprises of the following equipment: analyser unit and control and measurement electronics in a powder-coated cabinet.

Measuring cell: photometer
(wavelength and measuring gap is dependent on the method)

Method: oxidation of the nitrogen in a UV digestor then reduction  
of nitrates to nitrites and reaction with NEDD to a red azo complex
Wavelength: 525 nm
Measuring range: selectable option

The choice of procedure determines the number of pumps, valves and
the photometer configuration with regard to wavelength and cuvette.

Number of sample channels: selectable option
Number of free valves: dependent on procedure
e.g. use as dilution channel (e.g. H2O)
Number of peristaltic pumps: dependent on procedure
Number of process valves: dependent on procedure

Technical details:
Protection classification: IP54 (optional IP65)
Dimensions: (LxWxH): 600 mm x 300 mm x 700 mm
Cabinet material: aluminium (powder-coated)
Colour: blue (RAL 5010)
Sample pressure: 0 bar (max 0.05 bar overpressure)
Sample temperature: 10 °C … 35 °C
Sample flow rate: 2 … 10 l/h, no suspended solids
Samples with particle size > 30 microns need filtration
Environmental temperature: 15 °C … 35 °C
Operating system: embedded Linux
Power consumption (average): 45W

External power supply unit:
Input voltage range: 85…265V AC
Output: 230 V/50 Hz (power supply included)

Measurement, control inputs and outputs
1x Ethernet (incl. Modbus)
1x Serial Interface (example protocols: RS232/RS485 (Modbus RTU), IEC 60870-5-104; further more, see protocol list)
1x CAN bus (for connecting further BlueBox System modules for sensors and actuators)
2x current output 4 – 20mA
Additional interfaces: selectable option

1x photometer interface with power adjustment for brightness control
1x connector for pH glass electrode
1x connector for temperature (PT1000) 0 – 80 °C
1x connector redox electrode
1x current input 4 – 20mA
6x digital in
1x connector for leakage sensor
6x connector bubble detector for sample reagent

1x output for digester with temperature, heating (0-150 °C) and UV monitoring
1x control stirrer
2x motor control forward/backward and pulse counter
5x motor control – (direction jumper selectable)
12x relays for valves, limit and interference signals

Chemical drainage: selectable option

Selectable options Measuring
of sample
 Measuring range
Pos. Accuracy    
10-0.5 mg/l Total N3%0,5   
20-10 mg/l Total N3%10   
Number of sample channels
32 channels-C2  
43 channels-C3  
54 channels-C4
65 channels-C5  
76 channels-C6  
Additional interfaces
92x 4-20 mA-2mA 
104x 4-20 mA-4mA 
Chemical drainage
12Chemical drainage-ca

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