µDOX: multiparameter handheld instrument for pH, redox potential, dissolved oxygen, total hardness and acid capacity


µDOX is characterized by its ease of use combined with the measurement quality of high-quality laboratory equipment. It offers accurate, fast and reliable measurements, also in trace level, directly on site – in the field or in production. The multiparameter handheld measuring device determines relevant water values for the qualitative verification by means of its two sensors. These include pH, redox potential, total hardness, acid capacity and dissolved oxygen. The sensors transmit the measured signals to the handheld measuring unit for an optimal displaying of data. The total unit is particularly easy to handle.

Technical data

pH-measurement (temperature compensated)
Measurement range pH 0.00 to 14.00
Resolution pH 0.01
Accuracy pH ± 0.02
Calibration of 5 standard buffer (pH 4.01; 6.86; 7.01; 9.18; 10.01) or one user-defined buffer
Temperature range +5°C to 50°C
Measurement range ± 1500 mV
Accuracy ± 1.0 mV
Calibration automatically by pH buffer
Oxygen (temperature, air pressure and salinity compensated)
Response time (25°C) t90: 13 s ; t99: 30 s
Measurement range 1 ppb to 20 ppm
Resolution 0.2 ppb to 500 ppb
0.01 ppm to 20 ppm
Accuracy ± 0.1 ppm to 20 ppm
Calibration two-point procedure 0% and 100%
Temperature range 5°C to 50°C
Total hardness
Measurement range 0.1 mmol/l to 5.4 mmol/l
Accuracy ± 5 %
Resolution 0.018 mmol/l
Measurement one-point procedure with reactants
Acid capacity
Measurement range ANC 8.2 (p value) 0…10 mval/l
ANC 8.2 (p value) 0…10 mval/l
Resolution 0,01 mval/l
Accuracy ± 5 %
Calibration one-point procedure with reactants

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